Sunday, August 22, 2010

Expensive World Series

Crazy Sports Parents get even crazier as the stakes get raised. Parents in Auburn, Washington (near my hometown) are forking over cash by the bucketloads to see their kids play in the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania.

From the outside, this looks a little nuts to spend this kind of cash on youth sports, but when it's your kid and their possible once-in-a-lifetime shot at something this big, it not only becomes reasonable, it becomes hard to not spend the money. American youth sports makes its participants and their parents a little nuts.

Just Plain Crazy Stupid Parent

Today's post has nothing to do with sports. This is just a pure stupid act of a stupid parent, resulting in harm to minors.

When busted for buying your kids and their minor friends alcohol and hosting a "party" at your pad, no amount of excuse-making will sound persuasive. However, when a girl has been stabbed and raped, this sounds even more hollow:
"I felt better than them asking anyone to buy it and go who knows where to drink it and who knows what could have happened," McDaniel (41-year-old mother of the 14 year-old suspect, and party hostess) said.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tryouts, Ins and Outs

Cutting kids because the parents are crazy?! Because the mom is hot?! Jeff Seidel at Detroit Free Press shines a light on the sleazy underbelly of youth sports tryouts.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Biggest CSP of Them All

I believe Kim Jung Il is of the Great Father ilk of mad dictator, so his punishment of the North Korean soccer team and its coach qualifies as our all-time craziest Crazy Soccer Parent moment.

Hello, FIFA. Don't you disband national FAs for crap like this?!

Soccer Parent Newbies, So Cute!

I spent some time Friday afternoon volunteering on the sidelines for the local soccer club at a rec soccer tournament. I had two U11-U12 games and the soccer parents were just hilarious. Each game I saw was as important as the World Cup final itself! Each play a referendum on whether the girls wanted the victory enough and a statement on their inherent worth (or their parents).

The parents shouted out instructions as if the kids were interested, let alone could react in real-time to the Shoot-Pass-Win the Ball shouts.

Another veteran soccer dad sat near me and we had some fun listening to the parents. By the time you get to our level of experience, hundreds of games, thousands of road and air miles, tournaments and league games in every podunk town and suburb in a 3 thousand mile radius of home, you realize that it's best to just chill out and enjoy the game. Or talk to your friends and ignore the game.

Some day these parents will understand (or their kids will burn out before they do).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Naughty Soccer Mom

Stealing from kids. Really?! I guess you got to fix that ebay habit somehow.

Monday, May 11, 2009